Jour 3 : Départ pour Santorin entre filles. The X95 bus stop is next to the X96 bus stop and the tickets are exactly the same and are sold from the same kiosk. This sample 8-day itinerary is a quick introduction to Greece. Instead, a private island hopping tour can be the best way to see everything from the bustling capital to the stunning Cyclades in a convenient trip. The island caters to the most discerning palates -- from dining in family-owned beach tavernas with your toes touching the sand, to renowned international establishments serving award-winning cuisine, or indulging on freshly grilled seafood prepared by a private chef on a secluded beach. If you have some more time to spare, we recommend visiting some of the other Cycladic islands between Mykonos and Santorini. For me, the best way to check timetables and even book my ferry tickets online has been Let’s Ferry the last years and I highly recommend it to everyone looking to get a ferry to Mykonos or other Greek islands. Mykonos and Santorini are definitely the queens of the Aegean sea. But…you can always book them online (just to be sure) on the Let’s Ferry website (even if you don’t book them there, you can always check the timetables of the ferries on the dates you want to travel). This ten night vacation takes in the best of Athens and the Greek Islands, letting you relax in style. While Athens' variety is enough to keep you busy, from the hidden back alleys of the center, to the city's showy coast, the city works well as a base for day trips, whether down the coast, or to the Peloponnese. Mykonos’ airport is small (but better and bigger than Santorini airport) and it can become very crowded during the high season (especially in July and August). This volcanic island's beaches have a different kind of charm, with unique geological formations, and black or white pebbles. 08 days. These are the timetables of Athens Metro Line 3: You basically have 2 options to get from Athens to Mykonos: by plane or by a ferry. A JayWay vacation is more than the sum of its parts. Get to know the great cultural heritage of the birthplace of democracy and experience the diversity of arts and entertainment of a vivid contemporary city. This tour bypasses Athens' Old Town in favor of its cultural landmarks, from the parliament to the "neoclassical trilogy" of the National Library, University of Athens, and Academy of Athens, and includes a visit to the top of Mt. Covered in ashes for millennia, Akrotiri is still being uncovered. The timetables for the bus Athens Aiport to Rafina are on the following table (rpughly a bus every 1,5 hour): To go from Athens Airport to Syntagma Square (the most central point in Athens) you have to take either the metro from the airport (it’s actually overground for some stations and then it goes underground) or the bus X95 which will take you to Syntagma Square within 30-40 mins. Traditional architecture, beautiful coastline and magnificent views are some of the common characteristics shared by these two islands. Tour the worldwide famous Athens, Mykonos and Santorini, Have your best holidays ever. Day 3: Santorini - Mykonos (Breakfast) After breakfast in the hotel, at 09:45 am, you will be picked up from the hotel and enjoy a private transfer to Santorini port. Before deciding which ferry to take (and also to check timetables and prices for all ferries) you should head over to Let’s Ferry and simply put your desirable dates. Athens Santorini & Mykonos Tours & Trips. Apr '18 - Oct '18. Request quote. are not included and are available for an additional cost. You basically have 2 ways to get from Athens to Mykonos: by ferry or by plane. Rafina port has more ferries to Mykonos (but less for Santorini where Piraeus has more available ferries every day). Athens, Mykonos & Santorini. Transfer to your hotel in Santorini. We are from Greece! Overnight in Athens. Day 2 - 3 or 2 - 4: After breakfast at the hotel, enjoy free time in Santorini. Highlights: Athens A place where democracy was born and the birthplace of the Olympics; happens to be the largest city located in one of the most historic countries and is also the capital of Greece. 4 hours to arrive (Blue Star Ferries) – check timetables here, The quick ferry from Athens (Rafina to Mykonos) takes 2.5 hours to arrive (Seajets, Golden Star Ferries) – check timetables here. Whatsapp: +90 532 493 51 98 Athens ,mykonos ,santorini Tour Packages - Best offers on Athens ,mykonos ,santorini trip packages at HelloTravel. Head to oracular Delphi, or hunt for where Lord Byron's carved his name into the monumental Temple of Poseidon at the tip of Cape Sounion. Vlychada Beach, with its amazing natural sand formations, is the island's best hidden gem, a perfect spot for a romantic day by the sea. Although there are several departures each day, they're all very early so you'll need to be up with the lark for this leg of the journey. Check the exact timetables for 2019 on Let’s Ferry . Our team work tirelessly to ensure your experience is memorable for all the right reasons. Ferry between Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. Enjoy Delos cruise and the Night-Life of Mykonos, admire the famouns sunset at caldera, the cruise tour to Volcano and the famous beaches of Milos Island. Every plane that lands on Mykonos, takes off after 40 minutes to fly back to Athens. GOOD TO KNOW: The ferries to Mykonos that depart from Rafina Port (Google Maps) in Athens are much faster and there are more available ferries during the day to Mykonos than from Piraeus port. Intertwining myth and reality, Santorini is every bit as beautiful as the countless postcards, magazine covers, and Instagram photos claim. On this food-focused sunset adventure, you’ll spend the evening enjoying some of the best local dishes and drinks the island has to offer while walking along the beautiful Santorini caldera. Our representative will then meet with you to answer any questions you have and to get you settled for the rest of your trip. Along the way, you'll soak in natural hot springs, swim and snorkel off the Red Beach, and take in views of nearby Cyclades islands. You basically have the following options for ferry boats from Athens to Santorini: Let’s see all the available options in more detail: Bluestar Ferries are the biggest you can take to go to Mykonos and are the most stable but also the slowest (4 hours to arrive). Day 6: Santorini. We suggest visiting the neighboring center of the caldera, where you can enjoy hot springs, visit the volcanic crater, and enjoy stunning views of Santorini itself. Overnight in Santorini. This is Bus X95 route (from Athens airport to Syntagma square – central Athens): You can also take the metro line 3 to get to Syntagma Square from the Athens Airport. The airlines that fly directly to Mykonos from major European cities in 2019 (April-October) are: Laudamotion , Eurowings, Austrian Airlines (from Vienna), Thomas Cook (from Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester, Brussels), Thomson (from Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester, Bristol), Volotea , Blue Panorama, Iberia (from Venice, Bari, Naples, Palermo), Norwegian (from Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm), British Airways (from London Heathrow, London City), Condor (from Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgard, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt), Easyjet (from Rome, Milan, Geneva, Manchester, Gatwick). +974 4038 3502 These are different buses than the blue ones (like X96 or X95) and the bus stop is just across the street (see picture above). Transport: Departure from Beirut . You don’t have the option to go outside if you board the Seajet Ferries as they are closed-type ferry boats (like a catamaran). However if you are coming directly from Mykonos, the easiest way to get there is via a ferry boat ride which connects Mykonos with Santorini. This tour compresses a lot into a week, with many of the country's signature dishes and drinks, with some time to slow down and appreciate the Mediterranean's fiery sunsets, including from the deck of a boat. Like on other Greek vacations, this 14 days vacation package often takes on an air of magic. Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights . 4 hours to arrive (Blue Star Ferries) – check timetables here. Dep. On average there are 4 Seajets Ferries on a daily basis from Rafina to Mykonos and 1 from Piraeus port during the high season and they take about 2.5 hours to take you to Mykonos. We also offer the following excursions in Athens, Ancient Corinth and Nemea Private Day Trip, Athens Highlights Mythology Small Group Tour. You don’t get to see much but it’s nice to feel like you are on a small cruise! For the X96 bus, you have to buy tickets from a kiosk which is just outside of the bus stop (and also just outside of the airport, just follow the “Bus” signs in the airport). Upon arrival at Mykonos' main port, you'll be taken to your accommodations. Discover amazing tours through Athens Santorini & Mykonos visiting places like Santorini (one of the most famous Aegean Islands) and Athens. are not included and are available for an additional cost. Transport: Departure from Beirut . Day free at leisure. Home / Shop / Vacation / Athens, Mykonos & Santorini. Mykonos Ferries depart from E7 Port Gate so you have to stop at the bus station : Sometimes the X96 Athens Airport Buses say: Best Wine Tours and Wineries of Santorini, How To Get Around in Santorini (buses, taxis and quads), Crete To Santorini (daytrips, tours, ferries and flights), Athens To Santorini (ferries and flights), Santorini To Mykonos (ferries and flights), Laudamotion , Eurowings, Austrian Airlines. Instead, a private island hopping tour can be the best way to see everything from the bustling capital to the stunning Cyclades in a convenient trip. Athens, Crete, Santorini, Mykonos Vacation Package 14 Days. Unless otherwise noted, optional services such as airfare, airport transfers, shore excursions, land tour excursions, etc. Perivolos and Perissa, also known as Black Beach, are considered to be the best beaches in Santorini. These tickets do sell out as there is a limited number of seats on these ferries. Santorini is every traveler's dream. Our transfer will be waiting for you at the airport. Includes. TBA. There are plenty of car rental options at the Mykonos airport but it is always wise to book well in advance. Add Remove. But in reality you will find some brand new GPS screens showing you where you actually are: The X96 bus runs 24/7 and there is a bus every 30 mins roughly (in Greece time runs in a very strange way…so never expect something to be on time…that’s just a small tip from greeks…you’d better get used to that unfortunately). Add Remove. All of our tours are custom, and this is just a sample meant to give an idea of what our trips are like, and the opportunities our destinations provide. Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights . “Intelligent adults come here and turn into infants,” Craig Walzer, owner of the Atlantis Bookstore. A taxi from the Airport to Mykonos Town would cost you 30 euros and in general to all other directions shouldn’t charge you more than 40 euros (the furthest beaches are Fokos and Lia beach). Dance the night away in Mykonos, drink in … Greece is a diverse, country, and it is impossible to experience Greek culture by visiting a single destination. Visiting Athens, Mykonos and Santorini, this deluxe itinerary allows you to explore both historical Greece and relax in the sumptuous Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini in ultimate luxury. at 09:40 and arr. Greece is a diverse, country, and it is impossible to experience Greek culture by visiting a single destination. Set out on a fascinating evening walking tour around Athens' city center, and sink into the vast history of the city with the help of your insightful local guide. 08 days / 07 nights. Includes. Something went wrong at our end, please try again in a moment. Return and overnight. Price. The slow ferry from Athens (Rafina) to Mykonos takes approx. Discover our 7 days Greek island hopping package from Athens to Mykonos and Santorini islands, Greece. Blue Star Ferry times schedule is to visit the Let’s Ferry website. Welcome to MORE Voyage. The boat will depart at 12:10 pm and will take you to the island of Mykonos. Availability. By visiting places like Naxos and Paros, you can escape the crowds and visit places where little has changed in centuries, while still enjoying the breathtaking natural scenery, and visiting ruins dating back millennia. Bike into romance, enjoying the sheer magnificence of the Mykonian landscape, followed by sipping a local organic wine while watching the sunset. Day 1: Arrive in Santorini and enjoy complimentary private transfers to your hotel. Tour Type: ... Santorini $ 57.00. The village of Oia is world-famous for its sunset, where thousands of spectators line up every evening to witness the magic as the sun bids farewell to the sky and the canvas lights up in fierce hues. The services we provide as part of our comprehensive packages include accommodations, private door-to-door long-distance transfers, city tours, and day trips. After an introduction to Athens, you'll sail through these Cycladic spots, visiting glittering beaches, Classical sanctuaries, and stunning views. Your trip is personalized to maximize your enjoyment. The Greek islands have much more to offer than most would think: archaeological treasures, history, culture, dramatic landscapes overlooking an azure coloured sea and, of course, delicious food. Spend the remainder of the day at leisure. I'm having trouble determining how to get from Athens to Mykonos … A smart idea is also to mix the 2 options and get the ferry to go to Mykonos (preferably the fast Seajet ferry from Rafina) and then get a flight back to Athens. There are also many taxis waiting for you at the airport along with the Mykonos local bus. In addition to the tours included we can arrange a number of excursions based on your own interests. Boat schedule: departing from Mykonos at 14h30 and arriving at Santorini at 17h20. MORE THAN 10,000 PEOPLE GET OUR TIPS FOR SANTORINI AND THE GREEK ISLANDS IN THEIR INBOX BEFORE THEY TRAVEL: BOOKING.COM HAS (BY FAR…) THE MOST AVAILABLE HOTELS IN SANTORINI AND MYKONOS – SEE AVAILABILITY >>, is way cheaper than Airbnb when it comes to Greece and Mykonos so take a look on their deals before deciding where to stay, has all the available options for flights from Athens to Mykonos (JMK is Mykonos’s airport code) with all possible airlines (Aegean, Ryanair, Volotea, TUI, Olympic etc), Arriving at and Departing from Mykonos Airport, You have 2 ports to chose for your departure from Athens to Mykonos: Piraeus port or Rafina port. The night departures of the route Athens to Mykonos are suitable for passengers who arrive in Athens late in the afternoon; With a travel time of 5,30 hours, we suggest you choose a comfortable cabin to reach your destination relaxed and refreshed; For a shorter duration, we recommend Rafina as a boarding port for your voyage to Mykonos; Note Best of Greece: Athens, Mykonos & Santorini - 7 Days. Athens ,santorini ,mykonos Tour Packages - Best offers on Athens ,santorini ,mykonos trip packages at HelloTravel. Lycabettus, which features the city's best views. Those looking to escape crowds can also find their paradise on Mykonos. The city's culture is also reflected in its diverse food and drink, which combines traditional Greek favorites with influences from across the Mediterranean, and the world, as fitting Athens' deep history as a humming harbor hub. Today a driver will pick you up from your accommodations and take you straight to Santorini's airport. Meals (other than breakfast if included in room rate and meals listed as included in food tours and excursions, unless explicitly stated otherwise). Here are all the services provided as part of your complete vacation package. du Combiné Cyclades Athènes, Paros, Naxos, Santorin et Mykonos For adults the Athens bus ticket (called “ATH.ENA) costs 6 euros and for kids (under 6) it costs 3 euros. Day 4 or 5: After breakfast at the hotel, at 11 am, you will be transferred to Santorini Port and take a ferry to Mykonos. Red Beach is a natural phenomenon worth visiting, at the southern of the island. Book customized Athens ,santorini ,mykonos holiday packages from 284 deals for Athens ,santorini ,mykonos holiday vacation packages. The Greek islands have much more to offer than most would think: archaeological treasures, history, culture, dramatic landscapes overlooking an azure coloured sea and, of course, delicious food. It’s perfect for couples and even families or groups of friends. Unless otherwise noted, optional services such as airfare, airport transfers, shore excursions, land tour excursions, etc. One way trip from Athens to Mykonos and Santorini. A few important things to know about the ferries from Athens to Mykonos: The slow ferry from Athens (Rafina) to Mykonos takes approx. Day 3-Travel Athens to cosmopolitan Greek Island of Mykonos by Ferry. Explore the Central and South-West Cyclades The Skipper. He is an experienced sailor and RYA Yachtmaster Offshore certified. Going to Mykonos by ferry is the second option you have and it can be a very good choice if you don’t like flying or you don’t want to pay the extra money for the flight. The easiest and cheapest option to get to Athens ferry port called Piraeus is by taking the bus X96 that stops just outside of the Athens airport. OPEN. Inhabited since Neolithic times, this city was built up by the Minoans, a seafaring civilization that predated the ancient Greeks, only to be destroyed in the catastrophic eruption that shaped Santorini, which forms part of a massive volcanic caldera. Choose the month of travel, how many travelers and what star level accommodation you'd like to stay in, then get an instant price estimate. Learn about the culinary culture, admire some of the island's best sights, and visit a mix of famous spots, historic haunts, and hidden gems as you eat and sip your way through Santorini. A driver will pick you up from from your accommodation and take you to the port of Piraeus, where you'll catch your ferry to Mykonos. Most travellers enjoy exploring our Athens Santorini & Mykonos trips in May, making it the … X96 bus takes between 50 mins to 80 mins (depending on the traffic) to go to the Athens ferry port (Piraeus) and the X96 bus route to Piraeus ferry port is the following: This is how to get from the Athens Aiport Exit to the X96 and X95 bus stops just outside of the airport: Mykonos Ferries depart from E7 Port Gate so you have to stop at the bus station : STATION ISAP (which is also a metro station). But there is a X96 bus every 20-30 minutes, so there will be one for you too! One of our expert travel advisors will be in touch soon to start tailoring it precisely to your preferences. On your vacation to Greece, connect to each location via a Ferry/Hydrofoil for the ultimate Greek experience. Foodies find much to adore in the island's flavors, aromas, and sights. You don’t really have to book the ferry tickets in advance or online. You can ask us to customize this island hopping tour according to your needs. Click here to see all the stops of X96 Bus (from Athens Airport to Piraeus Ferry port to Santorini) and the timetables. Unless otherwise noted, optional services such as airfare, airport transfers, shore excursions, land tour excursions, etc. Athens Mykonos Santorin 8 Days Tour in Greece - Acropolis, Temple Of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian's Arch, Greek Island Of Mykonos is a Beautiful Place, Fira Santorini. Another great way to extend your time in Greece is to tack. Morning departure from your hotel in Athens City and after a comfortable voyage through the beautiful Aegean Sea, you will arrive to Mykonos Island.We will take you to your hotel while our co-operator gives you tips and information about the island. You buy the ticket on the bus from the driver and it costs around 3 euros (there might be a slight difference every year). See Santorini at its tastiest, glitziest best with a local guide by your side!